Syndeo for contact centres

Turn your Genesys contact centre into a conversational powerhouse with messaging.

Provide your customers with a 24/7 immersive gateway to your business. Transform your customer care and achieve an increase in customer satisfaction rates and significant cost savings

Syndeo has partnered with Genesys®, the world’s leading providers of contact centre software, to provide Genesys Cloud and Engage customers with Syndeo g-Connect – an AI communications platform to allow customers to communicate with businesses through digital channels and social messaging apps. such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Through g-Connect your contact centre will be able to provide on-demand sales, marketing and support services. By leveraging a combination of AI-powered chatbots and human agents, contact centres are able to streamline their customer engagements to garner exceptional cost savings, whilst maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Top 3 features of g-Connect

Integrated to Genesys Cloud

Enable your contact centre to leverage its full investment in Genesys technology and add the ability to quickly create and deploy self-service across digital messaging channels.

No code required

Designed for non-technical users, the drag & drop interface makes it simple to create outcomes. No need to understand software development or AI algorithms.

Kelvin AI engine

Our engine is built specifically for customer service interactions and is combined with AI to connect to a live agent at any part of the customer engagement.

Fully integrated with the Genesys Cloud billing system

Smooth user experience through native integration to Genesys Cloud. Syndeo g-Connect will be automatically deployed in the Genesys Cloud organisation.


  • Up to 1,000 interactions per month.
  • An interaction is any number of messages from a unique end customer.
  • Includes Webchat and Facebook Messenger channels.
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  • Up to 1,000 interactions per month.
  • An interaction is any number of messages from a unique end customer.
  • Includes all channels WhatsApp, SMS, Webchat and Facebook Messenger and more…
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  • This package provides 24 hours of onboarding services provided by Syndeo. Includes hands on assistance with initial A.I. flow creation, configuration of routing within customer’s PureCloud organization, configuration of customer interaction channels.

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